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April 2013 Weigh-In


April 16 2013 So far I like MyFitnessPal. It seems to have made some difference, and it hasn’t been to much of a pain to use. So, there’s that. I haven’t been starving, or struggling as much (but I do still struggle) with staying in my calories. I haven’t really lost anything off my waist or hips, or noticed anything visual, but I am down 2lbs. So that’s something!

Hopefully my progress will continue. I have hit many hiccups these past 6 months, and I know I will continue to as we proceed with fertility treatments, but I hope to at least maintain (if not lose) in the coming months. I’ll know if this cycle of treatments worked next week, and if it didn’t we have two more months before our break. I think that if it comes to that, losing should be a little easier. Trying to lose weight while undergoing fertility treatments isn’t easy. As someone who’s an emotional eater, it really hits me hard at times. Not to mention worrying about overworking myself, or having to postpone because of triggering, or all the other little things like being exhausted and the meds messing with me.

So far I’ve lost 77.6 lbs. That’s not bad, really. I’m so much healthier now, and that’s huge. I just know I could do better, so that bothers me sometimes. These last 25 lbs have been incredibly difficult to lose. It’s a little disheartening at times, and I have trouble staying motivated. I’ll be honest, my biggest motivation to workout right now? Is so that I can eat more. I think that’s saying something right there. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel kick ass after my jog, I’m empowered, but I’m also exhausted. And food sounds amazing.

Okay, time to wrap this up. Starting weight, 250 lbs. Current weight, 172.4 lbs. I am 3.4 lbs away from being “overweight” according to BMI. And I am 22.4 lbs away from my goal weight… so close, and yet so far!


March 2013 Weigh-in


March172013I weighed in at 174.4 lbs this month. That gives me a loss of 1.4 lbs- I definitely could have done better. Still, it’s better than gaining. And it’s better than staying the same. It’s been 12 months since I restarted my weight loss postpartum- I’ve lost 52.6 lbs since then. I’ve lost 75.6 lbs total since January of 2011.

I’ve stayed on top of my exercise, although I did miss a few days walking here and there. I had to post-pone a workout this week because of fertility treatments and side effects from that, but I made up for it yesterday. Which means I’m going to jog two days in a row this weekend, instead of alternating days- I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow!

My biggest issue lately is my diet. As much as I keep saying, “I’m going to do better,” I’ll admit that I haven’t done better. I need to start tracking my calories again instead of just tracking my work outs. I’m really hoping I can kick it up this month though, because I really want to reach my goal weight/BMI this year. I’m 5.4 lbs away from being “overweight,” and 24.4 from my goal weight. I’d have to lose about 30 to reach the “ideal” BMI, but I’m not aiming for that because I feel like it’s too little for my body type.

I went ahead and took another photo, but it doesn’t show much progress. Eh. Still, better to document things just the same. Maybe I’ll have more to show for it next month.

January weigh in


Okay, so I was supposed to do my weigh in yesterday but my entire household has been down with a seasonal bug and I didn’t Jan182012feel like it. I felt yucky, and bloated, and just gross. Whenever I’m sick, I eat. A lot. I tried to curb my appetite, but I couldn’t resist the urge to sit with a bowl of cocoa wheat and a glass of orange juice (even though I’d already met my calories for the day). Comfort foods all the way. It could have been worse though. I stayed on my exercise, despite it killing my already asthmatic lungs. I did intervals to compensate for the limited capacity, allowing myself breaks. In the end, I got it done. I feel a little better today, but I’ve still got a cough and congestion.

So anyway, this morning I weighed in and the scale was nicer to me than I thought it would be: 175.8 lbs, down from 179.6. So I lost about 3.8 lbs this month. I would have preferred more, but this month I did have Yule, my son’s birthday, New Years, and so much running and errands that I completely stopped tracking my calories for about 2 weeks there. So, when you consider that? I think I did pretty damn well! I lost another inch off my waist, and an inch off my hips too. I’ve lost 74.2 lbs total now.

Next month will have its challenges, as my birthday is in less than 2 weeks. It won’t be as bad as this month though, since my birthday is always a quiet affair- usually just dining out and maybe a cake. Still, cake… accursed, delicious, evil, yet oh so¬† wonderful, cake. It always sets me back some. I can’t throw any uneaten cake away, because that just seems sacrilegious, so I’m left eating it in place of breakfast for however long it takes for it to be gone. At least I have my husband to help me. It’s too bad our son doesn’t like cake!

I have 6.8 lbs to go (according to BMI) before I’m considered “overweight” rather than “obese.” I definitely won’t be there by my birthday, but I’ll hopefully be a little closer!

This month I think I really need to focus on my diet more. I do really good some days, but then other days I decide it’s too much work or I have too much going on- and that shit needs to stop. My other challenge this month, is I think I might exchange some of my walking for some aerobics with my exercise ball. I’m having a lot of lower back pain, and the tingling issues in my hump back are ongoing, and I just think a little variety would be good. I’m going to try to exchange it today, see how it goes, and go from there. I guess we’ll see!

December Weigh In


Well, weigh in today isn’t much different than from my post the other day. This month I’ve lost 6 lbs. I’m sitting at 179.2 lbs. I had lost another pound, but sadly I gained is back from eating poorly and not working out as much, mostly due to a cold I’ve caught. I have no energy to do anything, and I barely finished my workout last night due to diminished lung capacity. I’m really hoping I get over this bug soon!

I did lose an inch off my waist though, and another inch off my hips. Since March 17th I’ve lost 10.5 inches off my waist then, and over 16.5 since I began; I didn’t start measuring myself until after I’ve lost 10-15lbs, so I have no idea how big I was. However, since I seem to be losing an inch for every 3-5 lbs, I’d say I’ve probably lost 18.5 inches now.

November weigh in


This month I weighed in at 185.2lbs… yeah, I only lost 2lbs. Boo! I lost a half inch off my hips, and another half inch off my neck, but that’s it. None off my waist.

I’ve been keeping up with my workout, I even increased my speed. Unfortunately my eating has been awful. Too much soda, too much eating out, too much caving in for what’s easy instead of what’s healthy.

I keep saying that I’m going to do better, but then I don’t. I’m just letting myself down. I’m going to change that. I have to change it. I already set myself back, there’s no way I can meet my weight loss goal for this year.

I’ve done really well though. I mean, I’m 5lbs away from how much I weighed when I was 15 (back when I started having weight issues). I’ve went from a size 22 to a size 16 this year… oh yeah, I’m wearing a size 16 in my progress photo. That’s a pretty good feeling. I haven’t been this small for a long time.

Still, I could do better. I know I could. I just need to reclaim my motivation.

October Weigh In


This morning I weighed in at 187.4 lbs; I lost two inches off my waist this month, one inch off my hips, and 5.6 lbs. I’ve lost 62.6 lbs total.

I’ve been walking on my non-jogging days, just 30 minutes at 2mph. I’ve found that the time passes really quickly if I have my headphones in and I’ve got my Kindle set to an interesting book. On my jogging days I just have my headphones on, I try to find something rhythmic, and I let my mind wander. Sometimes I visualize myself losing the weight, fitting into my goal top, or I let it wander like a kid in a candy store: I plan holiday stuff, birthday parties, reorganization of my house, how I want to refinish something… it’s my me time; I take advantage of it! After my run I do yoga to cool down and stretch my muscles, it really helps to stop them from cramping up on me. It feels amazing.

I’ve been trying to play with my recipes and to try new things. Like for lunch today I made Manicotti, except instead of noodle shells I wrapped it in zucchini. It was lower in calories and carbs than it would have been, and I thought it tasted pretty good. I need to tweak it more, but I think I did alright considering I winged almost all of it.

Total weight lost (since 01/2011): 62.6 lbs
Total inches off my waist (since 02/2011): 13.5

September Weigh In


This morning I weighed in at 193lbs. It’s not as good as it could have been, but I have made progress all the same. I lost an inch off my waist, and another inch off my hips. Considering I only lost about 4.2lbs this month, that’s not bad. I had a lot of setbacks this month. I ate awful, I skipped a few workouts, I was really stressed out, and I’ve been eating cake for breakfast all weekend. My husband got in a fender bender last week, (he’s okay, and thankfully the baby and I weren’t in the car) and that caused a snowball effect of awfulness. Then the stress of running around for his birthday weekend, and all the cake… ugh. Not good!

I’m not letting it all get me down though. Today is a new day, and this is a new month. I’m going to reclaim my motivation and keep going!

Total weight lost (since 01/2011): 57lbs
Total inches off my waist (since 02/2011): 11.5