Sometimes life just gets right in the way of living and doing stuff. After my string of bad luck, I entered another string of bad luck. And you know… stuff. I was doing really well for awhile, then I’d get off track, then I’d get back on track.

So I’m back on track. Sort of. I am working out, I am trying to follow my diet, but I do have my off days. It’s a process. I can’t weigh myself because my scale broke, which I found oddly liberating and I haven’t made any effort to replace it. I probably should. Or at least  track my measurements!

In addition to my jogging I decided to up the ante and added “The 30 Day Shred” with Jillian Michael’s to my repertoire. (found here). I survived level one yesterday, and when I woke up today I discovered muscles I’d totally forgotten I had. It’s not like there was anything special in there, but it was all new to my body. And let me tell you, she did not know what to make of things! Like I said, I survived though. I managed to jog today. Here’s to hoping I can struggle through “the 30 day shred” again tomorrow!

I have to get my bridesmaid dress measured for alterations in a couple weeks, so getting things under control would be great.

So that’s where things stand. My clothes still fit, so I can’t be doing too bad. I don’t think I’m seeing much loss though (read: any loss).


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