I ate great Monday through Thursday, got my workout on and everything! Friday was a “free day” since we were going to be out of town. Saturday and Sunday I did not stick to my plans. Sunday, when it came time to jog, I was unable. I did something to my foot, so that it hurts when I bend it. I also got sunburned on my shoulders from the beach. Ugh! I’m hoping a little rest and a couple days will set thing right, all around.

In the meantime, I’m planning to stick to my meal plans this week. Without exercise, that means I’ll be limited to 1,500cal a day. Which is torture! But I think I can do it, so long as I resist temptation. I really struggle with eating that little, and I know it’s not ‘that little’ but to me it seems like it. By making some smarter food choices it should be totally doable though!

I really hope I can get back on the treadmill tomorrow, but if I can’t I just need to keep focusing on my diet.

The scale had went down a little over the week, but over the weekend it creeped back up. How does that happen so quickly? Gah.


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