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April 2013 Weigh-In


April 16 2013 So far I like MyFitnessPal. It seems to have made some difference, and it hasn’t been to much of a pain to use. So, there’s that. I haven’t been starving, or struggling as much (but I do still struggle) with staying in my calories. I haven’t really lost anything off my waist or hips, or noticed anything visual, but I am down 2lbs. So that’s something!

Hopefully my progress will continue. I have hit many hiccups these past 6 months, and I know I will continue to as we proceed with fertility treatments, but I hope to at least maintain (if not lose) in the coming months. I’ll know if this cycle of treatments worked next week, and if it didn’t we have two more months before our break. I think that if it comes to that, losing should be a little easier. Trying to lose weight while undergoing fertility treatments isn’t easy. As someone who’s an emotional eater, it really hits me hard at times. Not to mention worrying about overworking myself, or having to postpone because of triggering, or all the other little things like being exhausted and the meds messing with me.

So far I’ve lost 77.6 lbs. That’s not bad, really. I’m so much healthier now, and that’s huge. I just know I could do better, so that bothers me sometimes. These last 25 lbs have been incredibly difficult to lose. It’s a little disheartening at times, and I have trouble staying motivated. I’ll be honest, my biggest motivation to workout right now? Is so that I can eat more. I think that’s saying something right there. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel kick ass after my jog, I’m empowered, but I’m also exhausted. And food sounds amazing.

Okay, time to wrap this up. Starting weight, 250 lbs. Current weight, 172.4 lbs. I am 3.4 lbs away from being “overweight” according to BMI. And I am 22.4 lbs away from my goal weight… so close, and yet so far!


Varying it up a bit!


I’ve been in a slump. That’s the nice way to put it. I’ve been depressed. Unmotivated. Slovenly. Okay, maybe not slovenly– my only saving grace, the only reason I haven’t been regaining, is my obstinance about jogging. But I could have been doing better in so many areas.

My challenges, after sorting it out, lie mostly in my daily calorie allowance. I could not stay within my recommended calories on Sparkpeople, not while burning through 500cal a workout. My take away calories were only 1,100, and a woman needs at least 1,200 to function. I would stay close to my calories, taking Sparkpeople’s guidelines and amending them… but it was still frustrating, it took time, it still told me I was failing even if I knew I wasn’t. Take into account my thyroid and insulin meds, well, the restrictions were a bit stifling too.

So, I decided to abandon ship. A lot of my friends use MyFitnessPal, so I’m giving it a try for a few weeks. So far, I love the feature that allows me more calories equivalent to my workout. I don’t feel like I’m starving anymore. Hungry? Yes- but not starving. I had a little bit of an issue working with entering my workouts, since I manually enter everything based on my treadmill and my jog that day… it’s a little confusing, and at first I didn’t think I could customize it every day. I think I’ve figured that out now though, so we’re good! All my recipes and meals have been saved on Sparkpeople, so it is a bit of a pain to have to reenter and find everything. You have to remember, I’ve used Sparkeople for years!

It’s different, the set up isn’t what I’m used to, but I’m going to stick it out for a few weeks and see where this takes me. I still love Sparkpeople, and I think it did great for those first 75lbs, but now my level of workout and needs aren’t getting met there. The last 25lbs have been stubborn. They aren’t coming off as easy, and it’s completely understandable- I’m not as active, I’m eating more, I’m lacking motivation.

And that’s the thing, the motivation… part of me is content at this weight, even if most of me isn’t. Part of me is already proud of what I’ve done, and doesn’t want to bother with going further. Part of me is tired of counting every single thing that goes in my mouth. Even tired of jogging at times. I guess you could say that I’m worn out? If I don’t get pregnant this year, I at least want to meet my goal weight though… so I need to get cracking.

I’ve been using MFP for a few days now, and so far I think it’s helping. The scale has went down a little bit, which is good, but we’ll see where it goes from here. Hopefully I’ll have much better news to report at the next weigh in!

In the meantime, I’ve been having issues with my son, my car, fertility treatments, my health insurance… just, so much STRESS. I know it’s not helping in the course of things, but hopefully we can power through this. Tomorrow is a new day. It’s starting to feel more like spring here, and hopefully things will begin evening out and starting anew.