March 2013 Weigh-in


March172013I weighed in at 174.4 lbs this month. That gives me a loss of 1.4 lbs- I definitely could have done better. Still, it’s better than gaining. And it’s better than staying the same. It’s been 12 months since I restarted my weight loss postpartum- I’ve lost 52.6 lbs since then. I’ve lost 75.6 lbs total since January of 2011.

I’ve stayed on top of my exercise, although I did miss a few days walking here and there. I had to post-pone a workout this week because of fertility treatments and side effects from that, but I made up for it yesterday. Which means I’m going to jog two days in a row this weekend, instead of alternating days- I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow!

My biggest issue lately is my diet. As much as I keep saying, “I’m going to do better,” I’ll admit that I haven’t done better. I need to start tracking my calories again instead of just tracking my work outs. I’m really hoping I can kick it up this month though, because I really want to reach my goal weight/BMI this year. I’m 5.4 lbs away from being “overweight,” and 24.4 from my goal weight. I’d have to lose about 30 to reach the “ideal” BMI, but I’m not aiming for that because I feel like it’s too little for my body type.

I went ahead and took another photo, but it doesn’t show much progress. Eh. Still, better to document things just the same. Maybe I’ll have more to show for it next month.


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