Trekking along


I haven’t been strictly adhering to my diet. My bad. I’m trying to get back on track, and I will admit that I could do better. For now, I’m down about a pound from last weigh in and that’s something. I’m trying to make healthy choices, I bought lots of healthy snacks, delicious fruits, and I’m trying to be conscious about what I’m doing. Oh, and no more soda. Period.

I’m still staying strong with my exercise. I did have to take a week off when I was sick, but that was probably for the best- I think my body needed the break. I’m trying to figure out how to alter my workouts or cut back right now since we are pursuing fertility treatments. I just don’t want to go overboard, that’s all. I think I’m going to cut out the crunches at least, although I’ll still do Plank pose for abdominal work.

I am struggling a little with my workouts because I’m getting bored. And I’m getting cabin fever. Hopefully we can get out to the zoo and walk around on Saturday- once around the entire zoo is 5 miles (and we regularly do the entire circuit). That will be a nice excursion, if the weather holds! It’ll be almost 50. Which is still a little chilly, but it’s warmer than when we went there for their Christmas light show… so, eh. It’s ALMOST SPRING!

I need some sunshine and fresh air. Really bad.


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