Slacking off


I haven’t posted in awhile because, well, I haven’t had much to post. I haven’t been sleeping very well, my migraines have returned, my back issues are ongoing, my hormones are all over the place, I’ve been stressed out, and my depression is kicking my ass.

I’ve regained 3-5lbs.

I’m trying really hard to stay on top of my exercise, and I’ve been successful for the most part. I’m going to postpone my jog tonight until tomorrow and walk instead though, because this migraine is killing me. I need to stop “allowing” myself soda and other caffeinated beverages as a “treat”- I am almost certain they are the root cause of all these migraines. I’ve been struggling to remain on my diet, and the biggest issue for me is running errands and going to appointments, and lack of preparation. When I plan out all for meals/snacks for the day, I do alright. I know what I can have, and I can budget it accordingly. There’s no guesswork when I go to the fridge, no mindless eating, no unaccountable calories. I really need to get back on that.

I’ve been stressed out with my insurance changes, with going off birth control and jumping back into the infertility game of risk, with finances, with my son, with being a stay at home mother with limited adult company (We seriously need to start going to the library, something, ANYTHING- maybe I should get a YMCA membership again. I’m dying here.)

My depression came back with a vengeance. I’ve dealt with it since I was a child, it hit hard as a teenager, and then again in college. It comes and goes, some days it’s alright, then some days (or months) I’m just down- I don’t want to do anything. I try to make myself get into the groove of things, to stay active, to be positive, to be proactive in my life, find new things to do, get out of the house, but most of the time I don’t even want to get off the couch. When I say that I don’t want to do anything, I mean I don’t want to play games, I don’t want to read, I don’t want to watch anything, I don’t want to get online, I don’t want to clean, I don’t want to deal with life in general.

But I do it anyway.

Because I have to. Because that’s what you do. Because there’s no pause button for life. Because my husband and son need me. I would do anything for my son, and I totally do– I push myself and push myself, even if my body is so lethargic that I can’t find the energy to do diddly squat. It’s hard some days. And then, when all is said and done, I don’t feel like bothering with myself. But I need to. I need to remind myself of that sometimes.

I don’t want anyone to worry about me, I’m doing alright. I’ve dealt with this all my life so I know what works for me, and I know it’s not going anywhere. It comes in waves and goes as quickly, sometimes I’m fine, sometimes I’m low, and I always recognize the signs when it’s time to get help. Me being online and posting means I’m doing alright, for the most part. It’s when I withdraw from others completely, online and in real life, that I know it’s time to get help. We’re okay, it’s just… I could be better, you know?

I’m in a funk. I ache all over, I’m exhausted because we have some major toddler sleep regression going on here, my self esteem has plummeted… and I’m making excuses.

I’ve created a repetitive cycle of negativity in my own life- I don’t feel good, so I don’t treat myself well, which in turns makes me feel worse, so I’ve been treating myself worse (like this is what I deserve) and then I feel even worse.

I recognize the pattern and I KNOW what I need to do in order to stop it- I just need to find the energy to break the cycle.

I need a fresh start. I need to be kinder to myself. I need to stop saying that I can do this and actually believe it again.


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  1. State of mind can be very powerfull. One of my friends started posting 5 things every day that he was greatful for or of in his day. Turned his life right around because everyday he would think back to 5 great things that happened or people in his life and focused on those.

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