January weigh in


Okay, so I was supposed to do my weigh in yesterday but my entire household has been down with a seasonal bug and I didn’t Jan182012feel like it. I felt yucky, and bloated, and just gross. Whenever I’m sick, I eat. A lot. I tried to curb my appetite, but I couldn’t resist the urge to sit with a bowl of cocoa wheat and a glass of orange juice (even though I’d already met my calories for the day). Comfort foods all the way. It could have been worse though. I stayed on my exercise, despite it killing my already asthmatic lungs. I did intervals to compensate for the limited capacity, allowing myself breaks. In the end, I got it done. I feel a little better today, but I’ve still got a cough and congestion.

So anyway, this morning I weighed in and the scale was nicer to me than I thought it would be: 175.8 lbs, down from 179.6. So I lost about 3.8 lbs this month. I would have preferred more, but this month I did have Yule, my son’s birthday, New Years, and so much running and errands that I completely stopped tracking my calories for about 2 weeks there. So, when you consider that? I think I did pretty damn well! I lost another inch off my waist, and an inch off my hips too. I’ve lost 74.2 lbs total now.

Next month will have its challenges, as my birthday is in less than 2 weeks. It won’t be as bad as this month though, since my birthday is always a quiet affair- usually just dining out and maybe a cake. Still, cake… accursed, delicious, evil, yet oh so  wonderful, cake. It always sets me back some. I can’t throw any uneaten cake away, because that just seems sacrilegious, so I’m left eating it in place of breakfast for however long it takes for it to be gone. At least I have my husband to help me. It’s too bad our son doesn’t like cake!

I have 6.8 lbs to go (according to BMI) before I’m considered “overweight” rather than “obese.” I definitely won’t be there by my birthday, but I’ll hopefully be a little closer!

This month I think I really need to focus on my diet more. I do really good some days, but then other days I decide it’s too much work or I have too much going on- and that shit needs to stop. My other challenge this month, is I think I might exchange some of my walking for some aerobics with my exercise ball. I’m having a lot of lower back pain, and the tingling issues in my hump back are ongoing, and I just think a little variety would be good. I’m going to try to exchange it today, see how it goes, and go from there. I guess we’ll see!


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    • I do. I usually allow myself one cheat day a week, or on holidays/birthdays. Sometimes that goes well because I’m learning healthier habits, so I don’t go too overboard. Sometimes I do go overboard though- I try not to beat myself up over it though. So far this has worked out okay for me, since I still manage to lose weight each month. I’m sure things would go better if I didn’t though lol.

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