There are some things about my weight loss that continue to surprise me. My neck, for instance. When I was at my biggest, my neck wasn’t as noticeable. It was chunky, I had a double chin, and necklaces didn’t fit very well. Some, not at all. I think that’s the biggest change I notice on a daily basis- I have a neck now. Now, I know I had a neck before. Duh. But it wasn’t noticeable. I feel my physique was more snowmanesque. I had a round head, plopped onto a round body.

There are other noticeable changes aside from my waist/hips though. They’re subtle changes that might not seem like a lot, but they empower me to keep going. Most of my rings don’t fit anymore. My bracelets are looser. Old clothes that were once too tight to wear, are now incredibly loose all over.

I had necklaces that were too tight. My neck was 18-19 inches (probably more, to be honest) at my biggest. I seriously had necklaces I used to wear all the time, and I couldn’t even clasp them anymore. Now, a lot of my necklaces hang much lower than I remember. They have a lot more slack overall.

My engagement ring was a size 9 when I got it (I have big fingers anyway, okay?). As I gained weight, I had to get the size adjusted. Then I stopped wearing it altogether- partly because it kept getting caught on crap, but partly because it was too tight and I didn’t want to get it adjusted again. Now, it’s too loose for me to wear. My wedding ring placeholder (we didn’t have a ring ceremony- so we bought cheap ring placeholders.) was flying off my finger, literally, so I had to downsize to another ring. Most of the rings I own don’t fit properly anymore. And while I guffawed a little about having to adjust my rings again, or about having to buy new ones at some point, I’m actually quite pleased with myself!

For Mother’s Day this year, my husband bought me a bracelet. It was gorgeous, and I loved it, but I couldn’t wear it. My wrist was too big! We could have gotten it added to in order to increase the length, but that would have cost more than the bracelet did originally (which was ridiculous). So I said, “You know, I’m working on weight loss right now- let’s see how it goes, and maybe it’ll fit in a couple months.” And don’t you know, about 4 months (and 20 lbs) later I was able to wear it. It was a little tight then, but it fits comfortably now.

I didn’t see these changes overnight. Or the first month. Or the first couple of months even. But eventually I started to see these changes. Sometimes it feels like it’s taking forever to see progress, but one day you wake up and you can finally see the changes everyone else does.

I love noticing these little things. I know that most people probably don’t notice them as much as me. That they might not seem as significant to some. But to me, it’s the little things that mean the most. It reminds me that I am succeeding. I can do this. I’ve been working hard for almost 13 months now, and it’s showing.


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