Meeting another mini-goal


The next mini-goal I was striving for was 180 lbs. Back when I was 15 I started having major weight issues, both from my depression 227 to 179and from my PCOS kicking in hard core. I blew up over the span of a year, got horrible stretch marks, and my weight spiraled out of control. It was also at 180lbs that I became anorexic.

Looking at the photos I took today, wearing the same size of jeans I wore back then, I don’t understand how I could have thought I was so large. I know people were making fun of me for my weight, my family made comments about putting me on a diet or not letting me do things because I was too big, but I don’t think I’m that big.

I know I have weight to lose, and I’m going to keep going, but I’m a lot healthier and I feel pretty good.

Pants- size 24 December 8, 2012This morning I made that mini-goal. The scale said 179.2 lbs; which means that I’m down 70.8 lbs. I only have 29.2 lbs left to go.

This photo is me in the pants I started out in, a size 24. I’m in a size 16 now. I feel pretty good. I’ll confess, whenever I’m feeling down about my weight loss I try these pants on to reaffirm for myself that I’m doing well.

On another note, I went pants shopping today. I have to say it was amazing to be able to go to shop in the regular jean section, rather than the plus size area.

It’s been over 7 years since I could do that.


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