November weigh in


This month I weighed in at 185.2lbs… yeah, I only lost 2lbs. Boo! I lost a half inch off my hips, and another half inch off my neck, but that’s it. None off my waist.

I’ve been keeping up with my workout, I even increased my speed. Unfortunately my eating has been awful. Too much soda, too much eating out, too much caving in for what’s easy instead of what’s healthy.

I keep saying that I’m going to do better, but then I don’t. I’m just letting myself down. I’m going to change that. I have to change it. I already set myself back, there’s no way I can meet my weight loss goal for this year.

I’ve done really well though. I mean, I’m 5lbs away from how much I weighed when I was 15 (back when I started having weight issues). I’ve went from a size 22 to a size 16 this year… oh yeah, I’m wearing a size 16 in my progress photo. That’s a pretty good feeling. I haven’t been this small for a long time.

Still, I could do better. I know I could. I just need to reclaim my motivation.


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