Trying to stay focused


I haven’t really lapsed on the exercise, but I’ve had a few bad eating days. I really need to buckle down, but it’s a struggle because I feel like I’m always hungry right now. I have been jogging 3 times a week though, with my post-run yoga workout, and keeping up with my walking 4 days a week too.

I hope I haven’t backslid any. I’d check, but our scale broke. I think it got kicked around the bed room floor a few too many times in the last few years, because a leg popped off. As I was trying to fix it, the metal part detached from the wire on the sensor, and it just died. So, it looks like I’ll have to buy a new scale before my next weigh in!

Before it broke though, I’d hit a plateau. Which was no big surprise since I haven’t been as fastidious in my diet. I’m just really struggling with getting less than 1,800cal a day. I’ve been able to keep it at 1,500 before when I was trying to lose weight, but I just can’t seem to help myself at the moment. I’ve done good today, but yesterday and the day before… not so much.

I was really hoping to be 175lbs by the end of the year, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now. I really need to buckle down.

My jogging speed has been 3mph for the last few months, and the other day I decided to increase that to 3.5mph, just for part of the jog. I was able to do it, thanks to my inhaler, but man I am sore! My incision area from my c-section especially. Whenever I kick things up, I end up hurting there. It’s really annoying. When I first started out it was extremely bad, the whole area was hurting, I had trouble bending, and it took a week for it to go back to normal. It’s just something I forget about, all the time, until it rears it’s ugly head.

Well, it’s late. I should try and get some sleep. I have errands tomorrow and another jog ahead of me.

I can do this!


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  1. You look amazing! I’m so proud of you! I lost a little, then got sick and fell off the wagon. It was easy to keep the calories down at first, but since my fall I’ve found it really hard to stay on target. Time to get back on track!

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