Let’s talk about sizes


I was excited to be able to purchase an XXL in girly tees this week. I got this shirt actually. I thought it was perfect. I’ll come back to that though. I had to buy an XXL. I’ve been working damn hard so I could fit into something smaller than an XXL! I wore XXLs when I was 62lbs heavier!

Okay, now here’s the clincher. If I had wanted to purchase a men’s/unisex shirt I could have worn a L. The chest measurements for a XXL in women’s was 41-43 inches, while the men’s L chest measurement was 42-44 inches.

Let that sink in a little.

How to do you think that hits a girl’s self esteem? What does that say about how we think of men versus women? I’ve run into this problem a lot. Hell, I’ve recently bought a couple things online where I found myself saying, “Wow, I can actually fit the women’s sizes now.” Yeah, I can actually wear women’s clothes now. Oh, happy day! I can wear the largest size in women’s online wear! Doesn’t that sound thrilling?!

I don’t know why they market themselves this way. Is it based on some polling? Some statistical average? Is it because of media influences, or their own sales history? I don’t know. And let’s be clear: they have every right to mandate their sizing however they want. And, yeah, I will continue to shop from them because I like their art (Threadless’ $9.99 sales don’t hurt either).

However, the sizing is offensive.

Let me put things into perspective. I bought this shirt in men’s XXL when I was pregnant; I was 40lbs heavier than right now at the beginning of my pregnancy, and about 60lbs heavier by the end, but I could still wear that bad boy. I recently purchased it in women’s XXL because I loved the design and with my weight loss I can only wear my old one as a night shirt. Here’s me wearing both shirts tonight.

Attractive, isn’t it? Both extra extra larges, but what their sizing department decided was plus sized for a woman, versus a man. Doesn’t really seem fair, does it?

Now, I’m not picking on Threadless. I do love them, really! But this is a trend I’ve noticed when I go shopping for clothes. A horrible self esteem crushing trend. Cafepress does it to an extent. ThinkGeek does it too. A lot of places do this! Threadless was just my handiest reference (sorry guys!) I’m just illustrating my point.

We live in a world where women are supposed to be thin. Super thin. Insanely thin. I picked the first shirt for a reason. Yes, I jog. But more importantly, you look at it and it’s a rhino trying to be a unicorn. That rhino will never be a unicorn. It can be fit, it can be healthy, it might lose weight, but it will always be a rhino. Just like I’ll never be a size 10. Trust me. I’ve been 130lbs, and even then I was only in 12-14 pants. I’m just not built that way!

And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.


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