Monthly Archives: September 2012

Kicking it up a notch-


I did not lose as much weight last month as I’d like, and it sent me on a spiral of laziness. I still got my workouts in, but I felt very lethargic, and I struggled to complete them. I ate like crap, and that in turn made me feel like crap. I’m not happy with how things went down- frankly, I’m disappointed with myself. I let myself down.

Now, I could let myself wallow in that or I could use it as motivation. I’m choosing the latter. This week I’ve done wonderful watching my calories, and I’ve gotten my scheduled workouts done, and then some! I decided I would try to get 30 minutes of walking in during my non-jogging days. It’s gone pretty well this week, and I feel optimistic about it. It’s not like I don’t have the time. I could make excuses for it, but if I’m completely honest there is plenty of time I could use while my son naps. Sometimes it gets a little crazy, and when he goes down I just don’t feel like doing anything, but I need to utilize that time the best I can! There is always something that needs done around here, or something I want to do, and I have to find a balance. Exercise has to be a priority for me or else I will fail. It’s as simple as that. No excuses.


September Weigh In


This morning I weighed in at 193lbs. It’s not as good as it could have been, but I have made progress all the same. I lost an inch off my waist, and another inch off my hips. Considering I only lost about 4.2lbs this month, that’s not bad. I had a lot of setbacks this month. I ate awful, I skipped a few workouts, I was really stressed out, and I’ve been eating cake for breakfast all weekend. My husband got in a fender bender last week, (he’s okay, and thankfully the baby and I weren’t in the car) and that caused a snowball effect of awfulness. Then the stress of running around for his birthday weekend, and all the cake… ugh. Not good!

I’m not letting it all get me down though. Today is a new day, and this is a new month. I’m going to reclaim my motivation and keep going!

Total weight lost (since 01/2011): 57lbs
Total inches off my waist (since 02/2011): 11.5

Playing catch up-


I haven’t been as diligent about my diet this past month. I know that when I weigh in on the 17th, I’m not going to see the progress I’d like. I’ve eaten out more, I’ve eaten foods I shouldn’t, and there is worse to come. I had funnel cakes (I only have them this one weekend a year though- during our local festival) and this coming weekend we’ll be having cake for my husband’s birthday. That isn’t going to end well!

My only saving grace is that I’ve been keeping up with my workouts (for the most part) and I’ve been staying active. I ate half a funnel cake every day this weekend, but I also walked 2 miles for the festival in order to get those funnel cakes. Today, we went to the zoo- the trip around the zoo, to all the exhibits, is about 5 miles. We walked all of it, like we always do. I even intend to jog my 2 miles as scheduled tonight.

I know I’m not going to see the progress I’d like, but I will see some progress. And that is a small consolation, even if it isn’t ideal.

I really hope that next month things will be easier since there will (hopefully) be less going on.