So, I’ve been having dizzy/blackout episodes for a month now, then today I’ve been extremely disoriented/dizzy (I have these issues from time to time, bleh.) Anyway, my husband asked, “Have you been taking your vitamins?” And I replied, “No, I ran out two months ago.” And then we realized that means I haven’t been taking any iron supplements… D’oh! So I guess I’m anemic again. That’s what I get for not liking meat. Ugh.

I used to be a vegetarian, although I do eat meat now. However, I am not a big fan of eating meat. I usually only eat 3-6oz of meat a day, and some days I go completely vegetarian. I was never a big meat eater, what can I say? I also don’t have a lot of cheese/dairy anymore either. So, I don’t always get enough iron. I’ve had issues with this many times in the past, along with the issues of getting dizzy. I’ve had a lot of testing for my dizzy spells, but everything generally checks out fine. Except my iron.

I restarted supplements today, so hopefully that will fix that!

To top it all off, the numbness in my toes is coming back. I haven’t posted about that here, but I have issues with spinal inflammation. It’s been worse since I’ve been working out. My scoliosis and inflammation issues combine to make me get inflammation in the nerves running out of my spine, thereby making them compressed, which causes pain in my lower back as well as numbness in my extremities- mainly my toes. So far this has only happened once, the numbness that is. A quick course of steroids fixed it though. My primary care doctor did warn me that this is likely to be a reoccurring issue, given my medical conditions. I’m going to wait a bit before going back in, and try taking some anti-inflammatories to deal with it for now. We’ll see how long that lasts!

So in short, I’m a disoriented mess! I’ve been feeling pretty off for the last few days. I’ve eaten horrible and struggled to get my exercise in. I will own up to that right now… hopefully things will get better though. Despite eating bad, I have made sure to do my scheduled jogging. I did miss a day of Yoga last week though, and I paid for it when I did my scheduled work out yesterday. Hopefully that will serve as a lesson for me… I think I said that last week too. I didn’t learn it then, so let’s hope I did this time!

Okay, it’s really late and I NEED to jog… hopefully I won’t hurt myself in the process.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I love your new blog! I’m so proud of you! Weight loss is my #1 goal after this round of IVF, too! If we’re successful, it starts right after birth, if we’re not successful, it starts in September. It’s so inspiring to see how far you’ve come!
    And thank you for stopping by to say hi!

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