August Weigh In


Today was my official weigh in day. I feel like I’ve done very well. I lost 7.4lbs this month, which brings me to a total of 52.8lbs since I started trying to lose weight (or 29.8lbs since I re-started in March after having the baby). I lost 2 inches off my waist this month, 2 inches off my hips, and an inch off my chest. My hips and waist surprised me, because when I measured it two weeks ago I didn’t see much difference at all.

For kicks, I tried on my old pants… these were a size 24, I’m in a size 18 right now. Back when I decided to start pursing weight loss, this pants were actually getting snug on me. Heck, after I had my son these pants didn’t fit for a couple months even because of the swelling after my c-section. Trying those pants on really drove it home to me that I AM making progress, even if I feel disheartened sometimes. Yes, it feels slow at times but I am doing amazing in retrospect.

Total inches off my waist: 10.5
Total weight lost: 52.8lbs

This month I plan to keep making healthy changes to my diet, continue my yoga, and my jogging. Everything seems to be working, so I’m running with it!


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