Falling behind-


Over the weekend I did horrible with my diet and my exercise. I skipped a day of yoga, I added some walking/jogging to try and make up for it, but I feel like I failed. My diet… whew. I didn’t watch what I ate Friday or Saturday. I even ate a piece of cake on Saturday while we were at a birthday party. And I felt gross as a result. The cake wasn’t even that good! Sunday I did watch what I ate though, and I did pretty good.

We were tearing the house up last week, and it ran over into the weekend. We’re trying to get some things cleared up in anticipation of some repair work that’s (hopefully) going to be getting underway. My husband cluttered up my yoga space, and I didn’t have anywhere else I felt comfortable doing it. I couldn’t do it in the living room while my son was napping, because I didn’t want to wake him, and no other space was big enough. I had my husband undo the mess last night, so I can get back at it today.

I am extremely sore from all the housework and the exercise. It’s been some really hardcore cleaning, I’ve been throwing and donating stuff left and right. I just want the mess gone. As I’m tossing stuff, I’m deep cleaning the stuff that’s left. The house is a lot nicer without so much junk. Unfortunately, as I said, the drawback is that I’ve worked myself into soreness. My ankle hurts really bad, and my lower back is having extreme pain again. It’s a little better this morning, but getting around is hard at times. Hopefully the yoga will help me work out some of the kinks though.

My official weigh in is on the 17th, and I’m starting to feel deterred about it. I haven’t lost as much off my waist and hips as I have been. I did lose another band size on my bra… which kind of sucks since I just bought brand new bras two weeks ago, and now they’re a bit loose. Figures. But, losing from somewhere is preferable to losing from nowhere. Progress is progress.

Back to work today!


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