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Rough month


I’ve managed to stay on track for the most part. I have missed a couple of days worth of yoga, and that is a pain, but I’m doing alright on my calories as well as my jogging. I keep steadily losing a pound here and there, so things seem to be working themselves out.

I feel awful though. This month has been rough. We’ve had home repairs go wrong, things were thrown off balance as a result of some other repairs, my son got two teeth, plus his eye got infected again, he had diaper rash, and an allergic reaction to something he ate. Poor kid! Then the other night he stayed up until 7:30am, and last night he was up until 5am, only to wake up AGAIN at 7am. It’s been a long time since I had to stay up or wake up at all hours of the night.

This momma is exhausted. I really am doing my damnedest to stay on track though. The scale said 194.2lbs this morning, and I know if I just stick through this rough patch I’ll be good. If I regress I’m just going to beat myself up and start a cycle that I do not want to go down again. I’m really hoping that next month things will have calmed down some.




So, I’ve been having dizzy/blackout episodes for a month now, then today I’ve been extremely disoriented/dizzy (I have these issues from time to time, bleh.) Anyway, my husband asked, “Have you been taking your vitamins?” And I replied, “No, I ran out two months ago.” And then we realized that means I haven’t been taking any iron supplements… D’oh! So I guess I’m anemic again. That’s what I get for not liking meat. Ugh.

I used to be a vegetarian, although I do eat meat now. However, I am not a big fan of eating meat. I usually only eat 3-6oz of meat a day, and some days I go completely vegetarian. I was never a big meat eater, what can I say? I also don’t have a lot of cheese/dairy anymore either. So, I don’t always get enough iron. I’ve had issues with this many times in the past, along with the issues of getting dizzy. I’ve had a lot of testing for my dizzy spells, but everything generally checks out fine. Except my iron.

I restarted supplements today, so hopefully that will fix that!

To top it all off, the numbness in my toes is coming back. I haven’t posted about that here, but I have issues with spinal inflammation. It’s been worse since I’ve been working out. My scoliosis and inflammation issues combine to make me get inflammation in the nerves running out of my spine, thereby making them compressed, which causes pain in my lower back as well as numbness in my extremities- mainly my toes. So far this has only happened once, the numbness that is. A quick course of steroids fixed it though. My primary care doctor did warn me that this is likely to be a reoccurring issue, given my medical conditions. I’m going to wait a bit before going back in, and try taking some anti-inflammatories to deal with it for now. We’ll see how long that lasts!

So in short, I’m a disoriented mess! I’ve been feeling pretty off for the last few days. I’ve eaten horrible and struggled to get my exercise in. I will own up to that right now… hopefully things will get better though. Despite eating bad, I have made sure to do my scheduled jogging. I did miss a day of Yoga last week though, and I paid for it when I did my scheduled work out yesterday. Hopefully that will serve as a lesson for me… I think I said that last week too. I didn’t learn it then, so let’s hope I did this time!

Okay, it’s really late and I NEED to jog… hopefully I won’t hurt myself in the process.

August Weigh In


Today was my official weigh in day. I feel like I’ve done very well. I lost 7.4lbs this month, which brings me to a total of 52.8lbs since I started trying to lose weight (or 29.8lbs since I re-started in March after having the baby). I lost 2 inches off my waist this month, 2 inches off my hips, and an inch off my chest. My hips and waist surprised me, because when I measured it two weeks ago I didn’t see much difference at all.

For kicks, I tried on my old pants… these were a size 24, I’m in a size 18 right now. Back when I decided to start pursing weight loss, this pants were actually getting snug on me. Heck, after I had my son these pants didn’t fit for a couple months even because of the swelling after my c-section. Trying those pants on really drove it home to me that I AM making progress, even if I feel disheartened sometimes. Yes, it feels slow at times but I am doing amazing in retrospect.

Total inches off my waist: 10.5
Total weight lost: 52.8lbs

This month I plan to keep making healthy changes to my diet, continue my yoga, and my jogging. Everything seems to be working, so I’m running with it!

Falling behind-


Over the weekend I did horrible with my diet and my exercise. I skipped a day of yoga, I added some walking/jogging to try and make up for it, but I feel like I failed. My diet… whew. I didn’t watch what I ate Friday or Saturday. I even ate a piece of cake on Saturday while we were at a birthday party. And I felt gross as a result. The cake wasn’t even that good! Sunday I did watch what I ate though, and I did pretty good.

We were tearing the house up last week, and it ran over into the weekend. We’re trying to get some things cleared up in anticipation of some repair work that’s (hopefully) going to be getting underway. My husband cluttered up my yoga space, and I didn’t have anywhere else I felt comfortable doing it. I couldn’t do it in the living room while my son was napping, because I didn’t want to wake him, and no other space was big enough. I had my husband undo the mess last night, so I can get back at it today.

I am extremely sore from all the housework and the exercise. It’s been some really hardcore cleaning, I’ve been throwing and donating stuff left and right. I just want the mess gone. As I’m tossing stuff, I’m deep cleaning the stuff that’s left. The house is a lot nicer without so much junk. Unfortunately, as I said, the drawback is that I’ve worked myself into soreness. My ankle hurts really bad, and my lower back is having extreme pain again. It’s a little better this morning, but getting around is hard at times. Hopefully the yoga will help me work out some of the kinks though.

My official weigh in is on the 17th, and I’m starting to feel deterred about it. I haven’t lost as much off my waist and hips as I have been. I did lose another band size on my bra… which kind of sucks since I just bought brand new bras two weeks ago, and now they’re a bit loose. Figures. But, losing from somewhere is preferable to losing from nowhere. Progress is progress.

Back to work today!

Negative comments-


My husband is obese too. Shocker, right? We do eat the same food and have lived the same lifestyle after all. He weighed more than I did when we started losing weight, but I’ve since had him stop drinking soda, and modified his diet as well as my own. We’re making progress. He still weighs too much to use the treadmill, but I do get him out on the weekends so we can hit up the zoo or a park. He’s lost about 20lbs just from those little changes… and he’s happy about this. Heck, I wish I’d lost 20lbs just from giving up soda! He knows he needs to lose the weight, and he’s trying. He isn’t a very self motivated person (hell, neither am I usually)… but together, we’re getting there.

Which brings me to this: People really suck sometimes.

My husband was at the store the other day, and told me a story of what happened to him while there. Apparently this teenager jumped out to the side of the aisle as he was going down it. The kid’s friends asked him what he was doing. The kid said, “Getting out of the way before that guy eats me!” Insert laughter.

What is wrong with people?

Needless to say, my husband was angry and felt awful. I was angry for him.

It’s not the first (and probably won’t be the last) time something like this has happened.

I remember one time my husband and I were out at a restaurant and this woman sat across from us with 5 kids. The entire time they were there, they kept looking to our table, pointing, and laughing. We caught bits of what they were saying, there was no mistaking it- the woman was making fun of us, and encouraging the kids to participate. I can no longer remember the words, but I can remember how it made me feel.

Like a totally worthless piece of crap, that’s how.

I don’t know what drives people to bully and say such negative things. Or to teach their children to be bullies, that one really disgusts me. I was bullied a lot growing up, for a lot of reasons. It never ends. I remember in college someone called me a “loser” under their breath as I was walking to my car. I laughed at him… it was really ridiculous.

I got to a place where I could laugh off most insults, because let’s face it, people that immature aren’t worth the effort most of the time. It just makes them look stupid. Sometimes though, it hurts. I mean, it crawls under the skin. It stays there, and it writhes, reminding you of it’s presence.

What happened to my husband? This is one of those instances. It didn’t even happen to me, but damn if it doesn’t make my blood boil.

People really suck sometimes.



This morning the scale said 199.4lbs! Be still my heart! I know it fluctuates from day to day, but I am EXCITED! That puts me at 50.6lbs down, with 49.4lbs left to go. I am officially more than halfway there. That is an amazing feeling.

So of course, I am in full brag mode. I feel like it’s an accomplishment to be proud of though. I’ve been working my butt off towards this goal. It’s not easy, sometimes I don’t want to deal with it, but it is absolutely worth it. Even though I’ve been a little depressed about it this week, feeling a little hopeless, my photographs reminds me that I am getting somewhere. The scale this morning is my motivator.

Now, to keep going!

Sore, but excited!


I am so sore after my workout Monday and my jog last night. I definitely worked some muscles that haven’t been used in awhile! It hurts, but it feels good. I’m making progress. I know from experience that if I just stick with it, the soreness will dissipate by next week. And I’ll be stronger for it.

Last night I made homemade pizza, it was delicious. I made whole wheat crust, and topped it with onions, red peppers, green peppers, banana peppers, black olives and mushrooms. Yum! I used the leftover pizza dough to make calzones for lunch today. All in all it was a lot cheaper than store bought or delivery pizza, and it was a lot healthier too.

I’m really trying to experiment with using whole wheat flour, so I think I’ll use it in my muffins next. I’ve never really bought or used it before, I usually just grab the all-purpose flour and go on my way. Growing up, my mother certainly never used it either. I usually buy whole wheat items, and I love whole grain/whole wheat bread, I just never seem to bake with it. Times need to change… because it was so much better than my regular flour crust.

This morning I got on the scale and it said 200.6lbs. I am SO CLOSE to 199/200lbs… and I am excited! I feel like it can’t happen fast enough. I’m working so hard, and closing in on that half way milestone (as well as finally being under 200lbs again) is a huge step for me. I think in the next week I might close that gap!