Losing a dog and a day


We laid our 16 year old dog to rest today. I spent the first part of the day cleaning up after him, and trying to make the best of his last hours. After we said goodbye to him, I was pretty exhausted (and we still had to go to the grocery store) so we ate out. I had soda, which I shouldn’t have. I was low on energy, and I just really needed that pick-me-up. I know, I know… excuses. But I allow myself soda from time to time, because as much as I often regret it I do enjoy the occasional glass.

It was a slip-up, but not a setback. I try to allow myself one day a week to do “bad.” My “bad” hasn’t been so bad really, since I’m learning good habits through my process. So I had that soda, but I also had a low calorie sub for lunch, and only two slices of pizza for dinner instead of three; so that’s something, I guess.

Continuing in the line of setbacks, my foot hurts really bad today and I’m not sure if that’s going to cause problems on my jog tomorrow. I slipped on the treadmill yesterday and twisted it up pretty good. I’m lucky I didn’t hurt myself worse though. My ankle doesn’t hurt too bad, mostly it’s the top part of my foot. It’s really sore, but there’s no swelling or bruising, so I’m assuming that it’s okay.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.


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